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This module allows you to call modules that have no extension number, such as pre-announcement, Time Condition, IVR, etc. A custom application is a custom feature code. A custom application allows a custom extension or star code to be defined, which will direct the caller to any call target when dialed. For example, if we have a ring group that calls the cell phones of all staff members, we might create a custom application that calls that ring group when *CELL (*2355) is dialed.


VitalPBX Custom Applications

  • Code *, number to dial to reach this service.
  • Name*, short description to identify this custom application.
  • Enabled, enable or disable this custom application. If disabled, then users will be informed that the extension they dialed is not valid if they attempt to use the custom application. This field allows a custom application to be quickly disabled without having to remove the application entirely.
Destination* section
  • Select Module, allows to choose from a drop-down list of available modules, which module should be activated.
  • Select Destination, this is the call target to which the module should be routed. Any call target that has been previously configured is a valid destination for a custom application.
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