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A custom destination is used to add a custom call target that can be used by Calltonet dialogs. Anything that can be dialed from a user’s extension can be turned into a custom destination. For example, by default, there is no way to send an inbound caller directly to the messaging center so that the caller could log in and check their voicemail messages. For example, A custom destination could be set up to dial *98 and then an inbound route could point directly to that custom destination. A caller who was routed through that inbound route would immediately hear the prompts to log into their voicemail box, just as if they were a user on the PBX and had dialed *98.


VitalPBX Custom Destinations


  • Description*, is used to identify this destination when it is being selected as a call target in other dialogs.
  • Number to Dial*, is the extension, telephone number, or feature code that the system should dial when a caller is routed to this destination. Anything that can be dialed from a user’s extension can be entered into this field.
  • Class of Service*, Class of Service to search the number to dial.
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