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This module shows the status of all extensions with the option to change any status by simply pressing the (VitalPBX Acciones ) button that is located at the end of each line.


VitalPBX Extensions Status

The dialog displays the following fields:

  • Extension (number)
  • Boss/Secretary (status)
  • Secretary Extension (number)
  • Personal Assistant (status)
  • Follow-me (status)
  • DND (Do Not Disturb status)
  • Call Forward Immediately (CFI status)
  • Call Forward Busy (CFB status)
  • Call Forward No Answer (CFN status)
  • Call Forward Unavailable (CFU status)
  • Call Completion (status).


Use the ( VitalPBX Acciones) button that is located at the end of each line to modify the status of an extension. You can modify the Personal Assistant and Diversion settings of the extension. The status can be in effect either unconditionally (by NOT selecting a time group from the time dropdown), or for a specific during the time period as defined by the time group that you select from the dropdown list, or can be effect unconditionally if no time group is selected. In addition, you can change the status by click the circle in each option.

VitalPBX Extensions Status Edit

Use the (VitalPBX Dispositivos ) button see the status of the devices associate at the extension.

VitalPBX Extensions Status Devices


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