Calltonet’s customer support team is among the best in the business. Each associate goes through an extensive training program prior to answering live support calls and responding to support tickets. If you ever need to engage our support team, you will be assisted by a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable individual who has one goal in mind…to help you, the customer.

Telephone Support:
Monday – Friday
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    If you’re a customer experiencing service related issues with your connectivity here are two ways your system’s administrator can submit a Support ticket online:

    1. CallToNet Customer Support: –

    2. Submit a Ticket 

    The two basic power connections for IP phones consist of either a manufacturer supplied A/C power supply, or Power Over Ethernet (PoE) cabling from a PoE capable switch.

    • Steps To Troubleshoot PoE Connected Phones
      When troubleshooting Power Over Ethernet (PoE) devices, there are a few easy to do troubleshooting steps. We can start by moving the phone to another location of a known working PoE phone. By doing so, we can rule out that phones location in the office as the source of the problem. Does The Phone Power On When Switched With a Known Working PoE Connection?

      • If YES
        • At this point you have a few troubleshooting options:
        • The easiest of these steps is to replace the cable from the phone to the wall jack. It very well could be the cable that is having an issue.
        • Next is to switch the port on the switch if you have the available ports to do so. The issue could be isolated to a single physical port on the switch with regards to PoE connectivity.
        • Plug the phone directly into the switch with a single cable. If the phone powers up, then the issue might be do to the cabling run to that location in the building going bad.
        • The final step to try is to reboot the PoE switch to see if the original port continues to have an issue.
      • If NO
        • At this point it might be time to try a A/C Power Adapter to see if the phone will turn on. Do You Have Access To a A/C Power Adapter Specified For Your Model Of Phone? If you do, plug it in and let’s determine if the issue is with the PoE connection, or the hardware on the phone.
        • Once plugged in, if your phone does NOT turn on we have tried most everything we can do to self-troubleshoot. It appears that we can have a faulty device at this point. We have the following options to check on getting a replacement for this bad device.
        • If the phone is covered under warranty by the manufacturer, please contact them to setup a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for the covered device.
        • If the phone is not under warranty, then we still have the following options:
        • You may contact Calltonet’s Account Management Group at 631-869-1835 to purchase a new device to replace the faulty one.
        • You can purchase a Calltonet supported phone, and contact Calltonet’s  Account Management Group at 631-869-1835 to provision the phone for use.
        • If your phones DOES turn on with an A/C Power Adapter:
        • The good news is that the phone is okay. At this point, we have a few options.
        • Use A/C power for the phone.
        • Troubleshoot the current PoE setup:
        • Try swapping the Cat5e cabling to the phone.
        • Test the port by changing the physical port on the PoE switch.
        • Rebooting the switch is a good troubleshooting step.

    In addition to real-time Live Reports, CallToNet gives you the ability to create reports with historical call activities, such as inbound and outbound call volume, total number of calls, information about missed/answered calls, average calls per day per user, times, etc.